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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time flies when you are and aren't having fun!!!

Wow, my last posting was in February, I wish I could say I've been away doing busy stuff, but that wouldn't exactly be the truth. So basically I've been up to the same old same old around here. Let's exactly what I have been up to; I spent several days in the hospital somewhere around February or maybe that was January, who knows anymore I've in so much they just seem to all run together. I've done a few rounds of IV antibiotics while at home as well for kidney infections, what else??? Of course! Let's see what else, we went to Norfolk in March to see our son off for his deployment to Afghanistan. Our daughter in law and grand daughter have spent some time with. That sweet lil girl is growing so fast, she's such big girl these days, she is trying really hard to feed herself. I'm pretty sure she is going to be a lefty, which makes Dave and I very happy considering we are both lefties. We are dog sitting our fur-grand kids until daughter in law and baby get settled into base housing. Not sure how long that will be, but to say we have a house full of dogs is an understatement. Interestingly enough none of the four dogs that are here originally belonged to Dave and I. We do claim two of them now though, a sweet lil mutt and a fluffy lil beagle, now add an 82 pound shepherd and an 8 pound lil hot dog to the mix, it all equals dog over load!!! Everyone gets along fairly well, the mutt and shepherd have a few issues every now and then but for the most part they all just hang out together. Lil miss So-Co the beagle has been on a diet for about two weeks now, not sure she has lost anything yet, but there is hope considering she is eating a high dollar dog food from the vet. She was on this food in the past and lost about six pounds and has since gained it back. So I'm hoping to get her down 7 or so pounds to give her a little lead way, ha ha!! Our dal was on this diet food and lost a lot of weight, fairly quickly, the beagle doesn't seem to be losing a quickly as the dal. I also give her a 1/2 of cup of green beans with her meals to make up for the reduced amount of dog food. She loves them, eats those first before even touching the dog food. Then everyone gets carrots for snacks, so far everyone loves those too. Another fun thing I have been doing is meeting two friends for lunch every Wednesday, it's fun and it gets me out of the house. We call it, "our hen lunch", well that's only because Dave called it that first!!! Which is nice before there are days, sometimes several days at a time I find myself at home. Which really isn't such a huge deal for the most part but there are times where I feel as if there walls are closing in on me and if I don't get out of this soon it isn't going to be pretty!! Summer is normally one of my favorite times of the year, fall being second favorite. Although it seems over the years that as my renal function decrease I am much less tolerant of the heat. So I don't tend to spend much time outside these days unless it's spent in the pool or walking for a bit in the late evenings. I suppose that is just about everything "new' over the last few months, see it's really nothing new!!! Check back very soon, maybe even later tonight or early tomorrow for a new post, yes could be two in one day after all of this time!! I wanted to write a post back in February, actually on Valentine's day about Dave and how we met and all of that good stuff, but I never got around to it. Today is as good a day as any considering way, way back in the wonderful 80's to be exact on this very day in 1980 Dave and I had our very first "date" if you can call it that. It's sort of interesting as well as funny but very scary at one point as well. So do click back for a look "back in the day", when I thought I had it oh so hard. Yeah right I'd go back to that day anytime, well that is if at some point I'd still have my fabo kids and all that great stuff. But then again, maybe I don't want to go back in the day, it's always fun to look back a few years. You know back in the day when you knew it all and didn't want to hear another word of advice from your parents??? Yup those days!!! OK, I hope you will click back and I promise to have it posted by this time tomorrow if not sooner. Have a fabo late afternoon, I'm off to get a mani and pedi!!!!

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