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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not the post I planned on writing!!

I had planned yesterday to write about my wonderful husband for Valentine's Day, but the day got away from me and well as you can see I never got around to it. So my plan was to spend the day with our daughter who lives about an hour and half away. I put my beagle in her crate looked the slider that goes to our patio, set the alarm and off I went. That was around 11 or 11:30, I got home around 6PM, was on the phone with my sister (who lives in another state)while I was walking through the garage I heard very loud "thumps" as if someone was running down the steps inside the house. I laughed and asked my sister did she hear Sophie one of our dogs running down the steps? She laughed as well and said yes, Sophie does tend to sound like a herd coming down the steps!! So I open the door leading into our pantry/mud room/dog crate room, um that's odd I set the alarm before leaving why isn't it buzzing for me to put my PIN code in??? Odd, wait where is my beagle So-Co, why is her crate empty????? OK, I'm freaking out, I tell my sister I have to go, I think what we heard was someone running downstairs and must have gone out the back slider since it was closed but not tight. So I ran across the street to our neighbors and told them what happened, so he came with his "protection" in his pocket and did a walk through, found no one nothing missing, not even some cash hidden was taken!!! I always close our bedroom door and all of the door upstairs stay closed, since our beagle enjoys getting into stuff just for the fun of it! When he arrived upstairs my bedroom door and the door to a guest room was open. So who ever was here knew our pass code for the garage and the alarm, which they WERE the same, not anymore!!! They went out the slider and over the fence, with the help of a bench (that I had just sat on yesterday)that had been moved off our patio to the very back of the yard up against the fence. Out back behind the fence you can see foot prints where someone landed and sort of slide in the soft dirt out there. To say I'm pretty freaked out is not even close, my heart is still racing!!! I called our neighbor down the street who is a county sheriff, he came and finger printed the bench, the alarm pad and a few other things in the house. He then begins asking who if anyone has our PIN code, so I tell him that ONCE when we first moved here I allowed a child of a neighbor to dog-sit for us. At that time I only knew him through his mom who of course made him out to be an angel (from hell I now know!!!)and all of that good stuff!! He got kicked out of high school for stealing from a teacher, of course I didn't even know he had been kicked out of school at that time. Now mind you this mom now also has a daughter who has been kicked out of school last month also, why???? Oh because she made one little "mistake" and they kicked her out. What was that little mistake????? She threatened to blow the freaking school up!!!!!!!! Of course her mom tells it that she didn't mean it and everyone knows her little angel would never do such a thing and the school and police over reacted and all of this crap, of course little angel girl is an angel!!! The mother had the nerve to complain to me that the police not only cuffed her at school, they took her to juvie hall and then released her only if taken right to the hospital for a psych eval!!!! Her little angel would do no wrong why would they go to this extent?????? Stupid mom wake the hell up!!!!! So anyway I don't know if this kid I think did it or not but really since the family is turning out to be such angels and all of course mommy wouldn't think so!!! Oh yeah this "boy" is now 21 and has gotten a 17 year old high school girl, his girlfriend preggers!!! Mommy of the year is so happy to be a grand mom, at 36 years old!!!!!!!! Such a nice family to have in the "hood"!!!!! Sad to say this isn't even the "hood" and far from it, not the highest dollar sub division around but surely not the "hood". The other interesting thing is I called the mom and asked if she has seen anyone around our house today, of course she hasn't but of course back on Christmas night while we were out of town she sure did see our pet-sitters at our house a little after 11PM!!!! We knew they were coming late for bed time potty break due to visiting family all day. She had to call me and tell me she was calling the police and she just knew it wasn't our dog sitter and what not, but today?? She sees nothing!!!! Interesting if I must say so myself!!! Now as if all of this isn't enough??? Last Thursday I came home and found our mailbox open, I bring the mail in and find that someone has sliced open the top of an envelope that had a check inside, they took the check and put the letter that states, "check enclose" back in the envelope and put it back in my mailbox. Could these be linked???? Who knows but I'm sure they will be comparing finger prints. I just have a creepy feeling now, to know someone was in my house. I had that very same creepy feeling for a very long time where we lived last because someone would rather break in and steal our stuff then to get a freaking job and support themselves like a decent human being!!!!!!!!!! So my friends how was your day?????

Check back for my post on how hubby and I met and all that good stuff!!!!