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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Mobile Photo Post #30!!!!!! Dave & I

Dave & I on our 25th anniversary in Canada, boy oh boy was it cold there!! Again this is an older photo but one I had been wanting to post for a while now just never got around to it!! Maybe this is the photo I should have used in our first date post. We had never been to Canada and really didn't know what we'd do there, as a matter of fact other than hotel, car and a helicopter flight on the day of our 25th we made no other plans and just sort of winged it and I have to say it was a fabo trip. We have only ever done that for one other vacation in our 25 years, and that was a trip to mid-west to see our son graduate from basic training!! We took two weeks to drive to Chicago and the sorrounding areas, again only for sure plans were hotel and basic graduation, everything else was just on a wing and we saw many great places!! I'd really like to do that heading out west, but we'll see how that goes. Dave enjoys knowing what each day holds but he did great on both of these trips so who know maybe he'll be up for a west coast trip after all!! I hope you enjoyed my 30 day mobile photos, again I might not have actually posted each of the 30 days but I did take a mobile photo everyday to post at a later time. All except the last two photos were all taken within the last 30 days. Now to get that visitors post finished and posted!! Be sure you check back it is truly worth it my friends!!! Hope you have a fabo weekend!!!

Mobile Post #29 Do People Not have Mirrors????

OK, I'm pretty proud of myself for completing this little project I set for myself to get back in the habit of blogging!! almost all finished and althought I might not have posted a photo every single day, I did take one everyday and posted at a later date!! This one is an old one I had wanted to post back in December. I realize I do live in the south and it's warmer here than other places but come on people this was taken on Christmas Eve and it was vdry chilly here that day!!! Just crazy!! Beat you can't guess where this gem was taken can you????

Mobile Photo Post #28 Way Cool Nails!!!

My nail person had this "crackle" stuff on her nails and I thought it looked cool so I gave it a try. It does look really cool but doesn't last very long even on gel nails, so I'd think on your regular nails it would wear off even faster!! It doesn't chip it just wears off really quicker!!!

Mobile Photo Post #27 Who is Walking Who here????

Sorry it's slightly blurry but I had been trying all day that day to get a photo of this!! Lola was on what a friend who works with dogs shared with me, it's called "Steady Point". Basicly the dog who has acted up gets a leash put on them while in the house (of course you'd not want to leave them alone with it on). If they are put on steady point due to agressive behavior than the agressor gets tied to something out of reach of the they were fighting with. Bascily I suppose the thought is so that they can see the other but not touch or harm. The agressor can see what "fun" everyone else is having and the next time maybe they willl behave as well. So far so good in this house it does appear to be working, I wasn't so very sure at first but I've surely changed my mind now. The reason Lola was on steady point this day?? She jumped our 6ft privacy fence, I wouldn't have believed it but the cable guys had just left and one was sitting in his truck on the street and saw her come over the fence!!! So once she came back home, steady point it was for her!!!!

Mobile Photo #26 Who me??????

Lola looking as if I'm bothering her!! Well to tell the truth I really was bothering her, but pay back is a bitch so they say!! She enjoys waking me up at 5AM daily, I'll wake her once she gets all comfy and all!! It took me until today to figure out why she wakes us at that horrible hour!! David gets up for work around that time everyday and I suppose even though she has been here since March, she is still on early AM wake up duty!!! Thanks but no thanks Lola you know Me-Me likes to sleep till at leasat 8:30 or so!!!!!

Mobile Photo Post #25 Sophie & Jake

I'm sure Jake is thinking, "Sophie keep me warm, please"!!!! All that fur you have it's not fair!!! Share with me, please!!! It looks odd to see ANY of our dogs on a dog bed on the floor. Normally they are upstairs where they are allowed on the furniture.

Mobile Photo Post #24 Just taking a walk!!!

Jake Rolland Vass, just taking a walk down the driveway, all by his big boy self!!! He looks so tiny walking around outside for some reason. He is spoiled rotten and thinks that every single time I go out the door he must go too!!! He is very good in the car, he sits in the back or front, he doesn't jump from place to place like some dogs do. Although I really truly need to get him a car harness/car seat. Our daughter has lectured me many, many times of the accidents she has rolled up on as a paramedic. Poor dogs either being lost of even worse killed or injuried!! I could never live with myself should that ever happen to one of my babies!!!

Mobile Post #23 Sophie where are you???

Sophie once again taking up So-Co and Jake's bad habits!! I had not ever caught her acutally up there until this day. I knew she has been up in there in the past while we were gone. The give away??? The pillows were on the floor and shape of the cushion. Sophie is the only one allowed out while we are away, she doesn't bother anything EVER!! She is really afraid of crates and since she had been abused early in her life we figured no use in possibly bringing back bad memories for her. I don't know who or why anyone would ever abuse this sweet little girl!!! If I ever got a hold of that person, they'd surely be in huge trouble with me!!!!! No worries Sophie Lousie you will be treated with nothing but pure compassion and love here!!!! She only weighed 26 pounds when we saved her!!! She is nice and fluffy now, even maybe slightly over weight but I never want her to have to have hunger pangs again so she won't be put on a diet unless it's a huge issue!!! She isn't really terribly over weight either as I know that in and of itself isn't good for her and we only want the best for her!!!

Mobile Photo #22 Bunny Eared Beagle

This is So-Co humoring me by wearing bunny ears way after Easter!! Funny thing is she will wear hats and handbands like this. She refuses to get up and walk around if she has any on. Guess she is afraid of being top heavy!!! Francesca, our dalamtian that passed away in October would also wear them but she would walk around with them on!! Man do I miss that dog big time!! She my buddy for sure!!!!!

Mobile Post # 21 I'll hold you down Jake

Lola always seems to lay on top of poor Jake. That's about 85 pounds on top of 8 pounds!! Jake never seems to mind either. I suppose with the storm we had last night she was afraid Jake may blow away.

Mobile Post #20 My four Corners!!

My four corners to say the least, these crazy dogs crack me up how they just chill in their own corners!! Just about every photo I take of them they are always in "their" own corner. It's as if they just "know" where they are supposed to be chilling. They are a ton of work at times but so worth it in the long run. I don't know what I'd do without them. I'm sure going to miss Jake and Lola when they move back home once this deployment is over!!! I'm pretty attached to all of them to say the least!!!!

Mobile Post #19 Sophie chilling!!!

Sophie chilling where she shouldn't be!!! She is so learning some bad habits from that crazy beagle!!!

New Look!!!

So I found a new look!!! I think I'll keep this look until our son is home from his current deployment!! It will be like this until at least March of 2012 or so, hope you like it. Also today I will be not only bringing my 30 day mobile photo posts current but finally posting the story of the horrible visitors. As they say you can pick your friends but not family, I'm good with just about all of our family for the most part. I suppose that saying something about fish and company beginning to smell after three days is pretty well true in this case!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mobile Photo Post #18


Jammy "C"!!! That's what Dave calls our grand daughter Caroline!! She loves to wear headphones and listen to music, and she was wearing jammies at the time, so she became "Jammy C"!!! She will listen to any kind of music and dance, just too dang cute!!!! Much to my sorrow she LOVES her some of poppi's jazz!!! Me not so much, when she was a fussy little baby Dave would slip his headphones on her lil ears and she'd go off to sleep!! So we just had to purchase her, her very own Fisher Price MP3Player!! She loves the thing, we bought her a docking station to go with it and she carries it around often walking and dancing at the same time!!! Cutest thing to see!! That is one sweet lil girl!!! The photo is from back in early December. Have a great day and hope to have "the family visit" post up by tomorrow!!!
Have a great day.
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Mobile Photo Post #17


It's a really good thing I don't drink because if I did I surely would have drank this entire bottle of rum while we had certain house guests last week. Man talk about visitors from HELL!!! They were worst than that for sure!!! Check back in a day or two for more on that horrible week we had with our company. The bad part or worst part about it??? They are family, not to mention my husband's twin brother and his wife. The saying, "you can pick your friends but not family oh so true, oh so true in this case in a bad way. Have a great day!!!
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Daily Mobile Photo Post #16 Reese


Reese is doing a great job of vaccuming my kitchen floor for me. This is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet. Her mom is a single mom and works so hard as well as goes to school to make a better life for them both. I have the most respect for Bethany, Reese's mom, she has no public assistance nor child support, just good old hard work. Our daughter Melissa and Bethany have been friends since early HS years. Between Melissa and another friend Reese is well taken care of while mom is at school or work. Which means that Reese is often at our house and we just love it. Reese just turned two years old in late June, we were sort of late getting her gifts to her, but it didn't seem to matter one single bit to Reese. She played and played the entire time she was here, between swimming and running around playing with her new toys she was out before Melissa left the neighborhood. Reese is a job to have around, she is talking more and more every single day. I love her little voice, it melts my heart everytime I hear her. I have a rather long post I'm putting together about the horrible company we had last week, when I say horrible trust me it's horrible!!! Here's a small peak at how bad, Kayla and I came home from the grocery store to find Bethany and Reese sitting outside on our patio, Reese playing, Bethany crying. Melissa met us at the door to tell us Sandy my sister in law had woke Caroline up from her nap, then YELLED at Reese that she woke her!!!!! So Bethany felt really bad and went outside and wouldn't allow Reese back inside for fear she would bother someone. Well you'll just have to wait to hear the rest, trust me it was ugly and Reese and Bethany were both brought inside. I was fuming I swear right now I heart is racing I'm still so dam mad about it!!!! Who in their right mind yells at a two year old??? Who in their right mind wakes a one year old up from her nap less than an hour after she went down??????? My stupid prescription pill adiccted sister in law that's who!!!! Trust me it go real ugly and I'll fill you in on the details in a day or two. Be sure to check back it's worth your time, but first grab a drink it'll be a long one for sure!!!! Have a great day.
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David Rocky, Sentor McCain and another MWD Team


First of all I have no clue as to why all these posts are showing up in random order, it's crazy. Blogger won't even allow me to leave comments to ther bloggers on even my own site. Sentor McCain and several others visited the troops on July 4th to thank them for their service. I don't like to talk politics, but Mr. McCain is a fabo man, I have read his books and truly enjoy reading American history, it's always been a great love of mine. I have read just about every president we have had and many VP's too. It's interesting to hear about what life was like for them before they become the big "dog". Have a great day.
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Daily Photo #8 Aunt Melissa and Caroline

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Aunt Melissa and Caroline being silly!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Daily Mobile Post #7

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Caroline chilling in the pool!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mobile Photo #6

I love my bird feeders!! I sit outside each morning and enjoy the birds first thing each day!! They tiny hummingbirds are loud as can be too!! They are so fast and pretty, I'm told the pretty bright colored ones are the males and the plain brown ones are the females, interesting!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mobile post #5 Me and Dave

Not really a moblie a photo but this is a photo of Dave and I, all of 17 years old!!!! Blogger wouldn't let me upload this the other day!! This baby is our niece Jennifer who is 29 years old!!! Good old days!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day #4 Mobile Photos

This is David and Caroline back in March when he re-enlisted in the Navy for 6 more years!! We are so very proud of him!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day #2 Daily Mobile Photo

Day #1 of 30 days of Mobile Photo posts.

Jake and So-Co taking a summer afternoon nap!!! Check back tomorrow and see I caught with my cell phone camera!!
Have a great day!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Dave and Marie story!

Here is the post I’ve been wanting to blog about since way back on Valentine’s Day!!! It’s going to be a little on the long side so go potty, grab a snack and a drink and get settled for the story of Dave and Marie!!!!!
Way back on July 7, 1980, Dave and I had our very first “encounter”, we were at a party that a mutual friend was having. Large amount of beer had been consumed myself, Dave and my two very good friends, partners in crime! Much to my sorrow I as well as one of my partners in crime was out of beer and the evening was young. Friend #1, I’ll call Linda, had driven us to this great event but her car was blocked in and not easily accessible, therefore we were looking for a ride to the only liquor store that served said friend in the area. No one seemed interested in taking us, and then I spotted this very handsome cross country/track/star whom I had met many times on the CC course. Only problem was he is an identical twin, at that point in time I could only tell them apart by the tiny gap between the front teeth of one of them. Great he wasn’t smiling, how the heck do I know which one he is?? So bravely I walked up to him, now remember I was full of plenty of liquid courage by the time in evening. I approach said twin and said “which one are you Dave or Dan?? He tells me he is Dave, I’m not exactly sure why I even believed him, but you know liquor we all know gives us courage we don’t normally have. We spoke for a few minutes I introduced my good friend Linda to him and told her how wonderful he and brother were as runners and you know just made him feel really good. HA, he then told me he thought it was pretty cool I was the only female on my cross country team; you know making me feel good. I finally get around to asking him if we could use his car to go get more beer and that we’d be glad to share with him. He required Linda and I to take a “drunk test”, we both failed big time!! He then proceeds to tell us he had a 5 speed 1968 VW bug, well neither of us could drive a 5 speed in those days, so we said thanks but no thanks. We continue the task of finding a ride to obtain the much needed beer. Linda and I find this goofy looking dude who agreed to give us our much needed to ride. We walk outside to his car, which just happened to be a blue “Pacer”, anyone remember those preggo looking cars??? We drive to said beer store, go in and get the goods and are headed back to the party. This party was on an old country road that wasn’t very well traveled. We were quickly approaching the house and told this dude so; he didn’t seem to care much. Linda and I were both in the back seat of this Pacer, which if you remember are two door cars, made up of mainly windows!! Linda and I look at each other scared out of our minds, I tell her to follow me. I pushed the front seat up and opened the door and jumped out, beer in my arms of course!!! Next comes Linda on top of me, we are both tossed on top of each other in a ditch on the side of the road. I don’t really remember anything hurting at that time. As we are in the ditch I look at her and said, “where do you know that crazy dude from”? Linda tells me she has no clue who crazy is and that thought I knew him!!! Get the hell out of here, no way; we could so be dead right now!!!!! OK, we aren’t dead so why miss a great party, in we go back everyone wants to know why were are so dirty and bleeding??? So we tell our story to everyone around, Dave comes up to us at that time and tells me/us we shouldn’t take rides from strangers. Duh!!! He and I stand around talking and drinking beer for a bit, Linda goes off and leaves us alone. I decide at that very second I am so in love!!!! Time flies as it always does when you are having fun, and it’s time for me to be home!! Sucks big time, but I had a curfew, which all of my friends knew about and made sure I was home on time most of the time, because you know they had fun with me!! Dave rode to my house with my two friends, they lectured him about hurting my feelings and all that good stuff BBF’s say to a new “friend of the male variety”. Dave was fairly drunk by the time of the evening as well, I gave him my phone number numerous times on the way home, knowing good and well he’d forget it and I’d never hear another word from him!! That is sort of how it played out for several days.
In the mean time my BBF’s and I continued to enjoy our summer swimming, hanging out and working our little part time job for the towns’ recreation department. I was also baby-sitting these two little brats for a sick co-worker of my sister’s. Those kids were horrible BRATS!!!!! They made me say numerous times no kids for me, ever!! Like seriously they ganged up on me at two and four years old!! Just total brats, like while I’m getting them breakfast they got into the eggs and threw them at me, took OJ from me in their “favorite” cups, then dumped it on the floor, just mean little brats!!! They went to daycare during the day and then a grandparent brought them back to me around 6 each evening, this horrible job went on for several weeks that summer. On the weekends I had the brats 24/7, so a grandparent would come and pick us up and drop us off at a local lake/hunting club. The first Saturday we went to the lake who do I run into in the parking lot??? Dave or no was it Dan???? Remember at that point in time, unless I was close enough and they smiled I couldn’t tell who was who!!! Plus great whichever one it was, was leaving, oh no there goes my day for sure!!! I lug the brats down the sand and get them settled in for the day, I happen to look up and oh wow I see “another one” on the lifeguard stand!!! It’s my lucky day!!!! Brat #1 and brat #2 are fighting down by the water’s edge; next thing I know is brat #1 is screaming because brat #2 threw sand/dirt in his eyes, I’m telling you they were brats!!!!!!!! I take myself down to see what the problem is and of course brat #2 is screaming I didn’t throw sand in his eyes, I really didn’t, OK so now I know what the issue at hand was. I’m down at the water’s edge trying to wrangle brat #1 while boo-hooing, all the while brat #2 is saying he didn’t do it, and who comes to my rescue????? Of course one of the twins, it’s my lucky day!! He stoops down and says, “what’s wrong lil buddy”, oh how sweet he likes brats!! After much boo-hooing from brat #1, handsome lifeguard asked him his name, brat #1 says, “it’s David”, handsome lifeguard says, “oh cool lil buddy my name is Dave too”, really lucky day for me!!! “Dave” looks at me and says you don’t remember me do you”? My reply is I sure do but you have a horrible memory or you lie”!!! Well of course he asked why I said those things. Playing it off cool, so he doesn’t realize that I wasn’t sure which one he is, I inform him he lied or had a bad memory because he never called me. Well to my surprise the jackass spits out my phone number!!!! OH, OK I get you just didn’t want to call me, I get it!! This convo is taking place while the brats are both screaming now, so my fabo b/f to be, says “come on boys I know the person who works in stand up there do you want a Popsicle”????? So off they go, everyone comes back nice and happy and Dave I sit around talking while the brats pretty much played all day, yeah!! After a few hours it’s time to take brats back home, dam it all to hell!! My fabo lifeguard says, “can I call you tonight, remember I still have your number” my way too quick to not sound desperate is sure!!! Then I remember I have said brats to deal with!!!! I inform him of my little problems, and much to my surprise he asks if they have a phone at their house?? Um sure, here you go!!! Tells me he gets off around 8 PM unless it rains it will be sooner, great let’s hope for rain. That is until I find he drives a motorcycle, OK let’s not hope for rain and he tells me he will call me by 8:15. We leave and I hope oh so hope he calls me but remember that’s been exactly 4 days since we met and no calls so far, why would he call now?? Lucky me, he does call and asks if he can come and see me, oh yeah sure come on by that sounds great!!! Then I realize oh no, I’m baby-sitting and by 8:30 said brats #1 & 2 will be sound asleep, (the only good thing those brats did was sleep from the time you put them in bed until you woke them the next morning!!!). So I explain where I am and that it’s very close to my house where I was dropped off 4 days ago, and he says OK I’ll shower and be there by 9. We hang up and I freak the fuck out, oh no a BOY is coming over, I’m all alone, oh no it’s a BOY I really, really like, what the fuck am I going to do??? I call my two BBF’s and tell them all about it and beg them to come over, no sorry we can’t we made plans since you were tied up with the brats you will be fine, just don’t have SEX with him!!!! OH, holy hell that never even entered my mind, I swear, so I’m freaking out and my two BBF’s were so happy for me!!! Why you ask??? Because I was just getting over having my heart stomped on and turned inside out and stomped on even more by a jerk I just knew I was in love with and broke up with me because I wouldn’t have sex with him!!!! The next 45 minutes drag by as slow as freaking hell!!! Then I hear magic to my ears, I hear a motorcycle, oh yes I do!!!! Yes it’s my lucky day for sure!!!! So my fabo new b/f comes in and we sit around and watch TV, remember there wasn’t much on TV back then, only a few select channels and surely no remote. The evening flew by so freaking fast it wasn’t even funny!!! We talked lots about running and how different things were at my school vr. his school, I went to a catholic school, he public, a very scary public school at that!! We had many, many kisses as well as hand holding, fun times!! He finally said very, very late or early depending how you look at it, that he needed to go he was working tomorrow, yes another lucky day!!! I was taking the brats to the lake again!!!!! Quick prayer for now rain, I was on cloud nine, ten whatever cloud it was I was way happy!!! We end up at the lake and chatted on and off, then it was time to take brat # 1 and brat # 2 home for dinner and baths since it was “school/daycare day the next morning and work for me. He asks again if he can “come by” after work, that is if he doesn’t find anything else to do!! What a jerk, but still I’m in love and say oh yeah sure come on by!! That evening he tells me he is getting off at who knows maybe 6PM??? OK, so I take the brats home and hope the phone rings, well what do you know it does????? It’s Dave asking if he and his friend can come over and do I know anybody who might want to “meet” his friend. He tells me his friend is a year older than he is and that he looks like a blonde Tom Selleck. Um, OK sure I know someone who loves the guy. I tell him to come over and bring his “friend” too. I quickly get off the phone and call one of my 2 partners in crime, give her the scoop and she tells me she is as good as there!! OK, so our evening is set now!! They all come over, they don’t hit it off so well, but Dave and I never really noticed since all we did was make out all evening!!!! The next evening he calls and asks if he can “come by”, sure come. This went on for several weeks every evening while I was baby-sitting which seemed like forever. Finally the brats’ mom came home from the hospital; Dave and I have our very first “date” not at the brats house!! I know we went to the movies but couldn’t tell you which one. The rest shall we say is history??? We dated and had lots of fun times and now it’s 2011 and we have been married for 28 years this November!!!! I’d say that story has a very happy ending!!! We have been through lots of stuff together, but that’s exactly what has kept us together, dealing with it TOGETHER!!! I have lots of other funny stories I can share but for now I’ll just publish this and maybe write more about us a little later!!! Hope you enjoyed my little dating story!!!!! If you could stand to read this all the way through, thanks, I know it was way long, it’s something I have wanted to write about before!! The photo above is of Dave and in HS the child is our neice who is now 29!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time flies when you are and aren't having fun!!!

Wow, my last posting was in February, I wish I could say I've been away doing busy stuff, but that wouldn't exactly be the truth. So basically I've been up to the same old same old around here. Let's exactly what I have been up to; I spent several days in the hospital somewhere around February or maybe that was January, who knows anymore I've in so much they just seem to all run together. I've done a few rounds of IV antibiotics while at home as well for kidney infections, what else??? Of course! Let's see what else, we went to Norfolk in March to see our son off for his deployment to Afghanistan. Our daughter in law and grand daughter have spent some time with. That sweet lil girl is growing so fast, she's such big girl these days, she is trying really hard to feed herself. I'm pretty sure she is going to be a lefty, which makes Dave and I very happy considering we are both lefties. We are dog sitting our fur-grand kids until daughter in law and baby get settled into base housing. Not sure how long that will be, but to say we have a house full of dogs is an understatement. Interestingly enough none of the four dogs that are here originally belonged to Dave and I. We do claim two of them now though, a sweet lil mutt and a fluffy lil beagle, now add an 82 pound shepherd and an 8 pound lil hot dog to the mix, it all equals dog over load!!! Everyone gets along fairly well, the mutt and shepherd have a few issues every now and then but for the most part they all just hang out together. Lil miss So-Co the beagle has been on a diet for about two weeks now, not sure she has lost anything yet, but there is hope considering she is eating a high dollar dog food from the vet. She was on this food in the past and lost about six pounds and has since gained it back. So I'm hoping to get her down 7 or so pounds to give her a little lead way, ha ha!! Our dal was on this diet food and lost a lot of weight, fairly quickly, the beagle doesn't seem to be losing a quickly as the dal. I also give her a 1/2 of cup of green beans with her meals to make up for the reduced amount of dog food. She loves them, eats those first before even touching the dog food. Then everyone gets carrots for snacks, so far everyone loves those too. Another fun thing I have been doing is meeting two friends for lunch every Wednesday, it's fun and it gets me out of the house. We call it, "our hen lunch", well that's only because Dave called it that first!!! Which is nice before there are days, sometimes several days at a time I find myself at home. Which really isn't such a huge deal for the most part but there are times where I feel as if there walls are closing in on me and if I don't get out of this soon it isn't going to be pretty!! Summer is normally one of my favorite times of the year, fall being second favorite. Although it seems over the years that as my renal function decrease I am much less tolerant of the heat. So I don't tend to spend much time outside these days unless it's spent in the pool or walking for a bit in the late evenings. I suppose that is just about everything "new' over the last few months, see it's really nothing new!!! Check back very soon, maybe even later tonight or early tomorrow for a new post, yes could be two in one day after all of this time!! I wanted to write a post back in February, actually on Valentine's day about Dave and how we met and all of that good stuff, but I never got around to it. Today is as good a day as any considering way, way back in the wonderful 80's to be exact on this very day in 1980 Dave and I had our very first "date" if you can call it that. It's sort of interesting as well as funny but very scary at one point as well. So do click back for a look "back in the day", when I thought I had it oh so hard. Yeah right I'd go back to that day anytime, well that is if at some point I'd still have my fabo kids and all that great stuff. But then again, maybe I don't want to go back in the day, it's always fun to look back a few years. You know back in the day when you knew it all and didn't want to hear another word of advice from your parents??? Yup those days!!! OK, I hope you will click back and I promise to have it posted by this time tomorrow if not sooner. Have a fabo late afternoon, I'm off to get a mani and pedi!!!!