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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mobile Post #23 Sophie where are you???

Sophie once again taking up So-Co and Jake's bad habits!! I had not ever caught her acutally up there until this day. I knew she has been up in there in the past while we were gone. The give away??? The pillows were on the floor and shape of the cushion. Sophie is the only one allowed out while we are away, she doesn't bother anything EVER!! She is really afraid of crates and since she had been abused early in her life we figured no use in possibly bringing back bad memories for her. I don't know who or why anyone would ever abuse this sweet little girl!!! If I ever got a hold of that person, they'd surely be in huge trouble with me!!!!! No worries Sophie Lousie you will be treated with nothing but pure compassion and love here!!!! She only weighed 26 pounds when we saved her!!! She is nice and fluffy now, even maybe slightly over weight but I never want her to have to have hunger pangs again so she won't be put on a diet unless it's a huge issue!!! She isn't really terribly over weight either as I know that in and of itself isn't good for her and we only want the best for her!!!

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