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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mobile Photo Post #18


Jammy "C"!!! That's what Dave calls our grand daughter Caroline!! She loves to wear headphones and listen to music, and she was wearing jammies at the time, so she became "Jammy C"!!! She will listen to any kind of music and dance, just too dang cute!!!! Much to my sorrow she LOVES her some of poppi's jazz!!! Me not so much, when she was a fussy little baby Dave would slip his headphones on her lil ears and she'd go off to sleep!! So we just had to purchase her, her very own Fisher Price MP3Player!! She loves the thing, we bought her a docking station to go with it and she carries it around often walking and dancing at the same time!!! Cutest thing to see!! That is one sweet lil girl!!! The photo is from back in early December. Have a great day and hope to have "the family visit" post up by tomorrow!!!
Have a great day.
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