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Just a lil FYI......I write here for me and me only. I hope to use this space to help me remember the good, the bad and the ugly!!! I may also voice my feelings on a few things here and there, if you don't agree with them, cool and please do feel free to let me know. BUT....(there's always a "but" huh???) be nice these are MY feelings and thoughts and it's MY blog so again be nice!!! Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you will check back often as I'm really trying to make myself post more often. Sometimes just writing things down help to get things off my chest so to say, and it does me feel better.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 7, 1980 "The Good Ole Days"!!!!

I suppose I could begin by saying the rest is history of the story of my life?? Both would certainly be very true. I wrote an our story or how we met post a while back, which brings me to tomorrow 33 years hubby and I began. Wozzer that's a long time ago lots has happen, the good, the bad, the ugly and the very very ugly he's been right there by my side. We've been a team ever since I'd be selling a huge lie if I said its been a bed of roses so I won't. I will sell the truth, it's been stars, moons, roses, thorns, lots of thorns, kids, pets and grand kids!!! Hey who allowed those sweet lil babies of mine to grow up and have one of them have sweet lil babies of his own?? It's been said many times the years fly but the days drag, true and false honestly I think at times it's the opposit. I'm often asked if given the chance would I change anything, I have to say no. Everything happens for a reason or so I have always thought. I try very hard to live my life with no regrets, I said try didn't say always. I think I love my husband more now than the day we married, there have been times over the years I've not liked him much but I've never "fallen out of love" with him. He is truly my very best friend in the "whole wide world", (our very sweet 3 yr old g/daughter says "Moodie" is her bestest friend in the whole wide world) melts my freaking ice freaking cold heart every single time I hear her say it. "Moodie" really is "Moonie" our mini beagle, it's very sweet to watch those two, oh man tears again, dam it dam it dam it!!! TEARS!!! FYI.....are the main reason I broke my most recent promise of trying to blog more often, I mean hell there's more than enough sad crap, poor my crap going on in everyone's world. So I keep my sad crap wrapped up tightly in my chest, no a great idea but between that and sucky health I've shed about 40 pounds since February. Oh those reasons as well as I really would like to move my blog so I can have the option of password posts if I so choose. But I'm not bright enough to figure out how to do so, any volunteers or suggestions as to how to do, I'm all ears! This is all over the place, sorry exactly how my heart and brain have been, plus I am using mobile blogger for the first time and it's not allowing me paragraphs nor allowing me to copy and paste my ramblings. Yup I'm lazy and that's how I write my posts in the middle of this thought, oh yeah gotta write this next or I'll forget so I do so then just copy and paste and move it it's own paragraph or one I've already rambled a bit in. Excuses, excuses yup I'm full of those right this very second too!! OK let's move this back to a happy postive post as I promised myself it would be!! So suggests/advice on our 30th freaking wedding anniversary coming up quickly in November, November 5 to be exact. Fab vaca? Renew our vows? Fab presents for each, we normally don't exchange gifts goes back to single income hubby in school raising babies and being even poorer than we currently are. Once things got "better" financially we continued this and used that dollars for fab vacas for the hubs and I!!! Yup we were some of those horrible, horrible parents who took kid free vacas!! FYI, I'd do it all over again only sooner than we actually did so. Of course we always took kid vacas too, but it still pissed our female off spring off, ha still pisses her lil ole 25 year old self off!! That makes me laugh as well as give her grief when she vacas without us, which is any and all of hers!! Although if ever invited I'd very politely decline and offer to pup sit, I don't do backpack camping, 25 plus mile hikes and climbing of randome rocks here and there and every where along this fine US of A!! Here goes another ramble.......I need one day to write a post on her travels, trust me they are mostly last second, not even minute and always always on very minimal dollars!!! Oh the time my lil traveler, her friend and said friends sweet lil 2 yr old traveled to FL with a total of maybe $200, likely less!!! Oh my, considering my child no doubt they would have been OK, but I wasn't OK come on they had a baby camping and it was hot!!! So I transferred a lil cash, yes they were very thankful, especially on their way home when they had to use some for gas!! Much to their sorrow because they were planning to save said dollars for another fun adventure!!! Oh man my nerves!!!! OK rambling all finished, well not really but at least for now. I really, really, really am serious about your suggestions/advice on the moving of my blog and the anniversary debate, help please!!! Another reason I'd like to move this is I'm rethinking being so out there about my identy, not that I have anything to hid or as if it's not freaking crazy easy to figure out stuff these days, there's just "things/events I'd like to blog about and don't want everyone to read. It's not as if anyone reads this crap anyway but one never can be sure and no matter what happens, ever I just don't and never, ever will trust let's just say someone who may or may not be reading!!! See told you I had more ramblings, ha ha. So brainstorm and get back to me, please?? Hubby happy dating anniversary I love you more now than the day we married and thanks for loving my very unlovable at times self!!! Me