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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Mobile Photo Post #30!!!!!! Dave & I

Dave & I on our 25th anniversary in Canada, boy oh boy was it cold there!! Again this is an older photo but one I had been wanting to post for a while now just never got around to it!! Maybe this is the photo I should have used in our first date post. We had never been to Canada and really didn't know what we'd do there, as a matter of fact other than hotel, car and a helicopter flight on the day of our 25th we made no other plans and just sort of winged it and I have to say it was a fabo trip. We have only ever done that for one other vacation in our 25 years, and that was a trip to mid-west to see our son graduate from basic training!! We took two weeks to drive to Chicago and the sorrounding areas, again only for sure plans were hotel and basic graduation, everything else was just on a wing and we saw many great places!! I'd really like to do that heading out west, but we'll see how that goes. Dave enjoys knowing what each day holds but he did great on both of these trips so who know maybe he'll be up for a west coast trip after all!! I hope you enjoyed my 30 day mobile photos, again I might not have actually posted each of the 30 days but I did take a mobile photo everyday to post at a later time. All except the last two photos were all taken within the last 30 days. Now to get that visitors post finished and posted!! Be sure you check back it is truly worth it my friends!!! Hope you have a fabo weekend!!!

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