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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mobile Photo Post #27 Who is Walking Who here????

Sorry it's slightly blurry but I had been trying all day that day to get a photo of this!! Lola was on what a friend who works with dogs shared with me, it's called "Steady Point". Basicly the dog who has acted up gets a leash put on them while in the house (of course you'd not want to leave them alone with it on). If they are put on steady point due to agressive behavior than the agressor gets tied to something out of reach of the they were fighting with. Bascily I suppose the thought is so that they can see the other but not touch or harm. The agressor can see what "fun" everyone else is having and the next time maybe they willl behave as well. So far so good in this house it does appear to be working, I wasn't so very sure at first but I've surely changed my mind now. The reason Lola was on steady point this day?? She jumped our 6ft privacy fence, I wouldn't have believed it but the cable guys had just left and one was sitting in his truck on the street and saw her come over the fence!!! So once she came back home, steady point it was for her!!!!

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