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Sunday, January 9, 2011

A whole of nothing.............

I’m not really sure what So-Co’s problem is today but she is bugging the crap out of me!!!!!!!!!!!! She has been out to potty and yes she did potty outside (so really I have no true reason to complain about her then correct???) she appears to be very clingy, big time!! Normally she is good to sit on my lap for a while just chilling and sleeping or watching or whatever it is she does all day. Today, she has been on my lap more than she’s been in her own chair, which is a hugely comfortable chair that normally she loves! So you say that’s not so bad? Well if she didn’t have to be right in my face, with her cheek smashed up against mine so I can’t see anything but beagle eyes, that’s what’s wrong. I’m normally calling her to come and sit with me and I love to snuggle with her but this having to stand on my lap and paws on shoulder and face smashed as hard as she can against mine, not so much fun!! I gently take her paws off my shoulders and sit her on my lap; she’ll be good like that for a short time. Then it’s back face to face with her tail wagging so fast I feel horribly guilty making her get down. So after allowing her to smash my face for a bit I put her in her chair, she jumps down, walks over to my recliner and sits there and whines and whines and if that doesn’t get my she howls!!! Now she knows I love her lil beagle howl and that she’ll get a rise out of me, I look at her and tell her to come up, right to my face all smashed up to hers!!! Got to love me some beagle but come on girl!!!! Neediness isn’t always pretty!!!!!!
So they have been calling for that four letter word that all people of the south hate!!!!!!!! SNOW!!!! I have to say as much as I am a fan of huge snow storms I truly hope it doesn’t snow here. Why you ask???? Well because these crazy people here get all kinds of crazy and go and buy every loaf of bread and every single gallon of milk they can get their hands on!! I have no idea what they plan to do with that bread and milk should we have a huge storm and are snowed in for days upon days!! I mean really now!!! I went to the grocery store yesterday only because I wanted a few things, not really needed them only wanted them!!! You know you just gotta have some chocolate covered plums when the craving hits, you know?? If I hadn’t heard the weather before arriving at the store I’d have surely known there was the “threat” of that white stuff!! The place was crazy there was no milk to be had, not even regular ½ & ½ that Dave uses in his coffee, none!!! So please no one tell him that he’ll be using fat free ½ & ½. The lines were so long I had time to read the entire center story in US magazine about that crazy Amber chick from 16&pregnant on MTV. Man that is one crazy as hell chick if you haven’t seen that train wrecks of a show you really should like it up on the net! Too bad I don’t “own” that network that shares my initials!!! They should have had to pay me to name the network that considering those initials are MINE!!!!!
So do tell my friends do you use a PC or a Mac??? My laptop is really sick and is getting sicker by the day. I plan to replace it with another laptop and my hubby loves his Mac (and he works for a mega corporation that makes laptops) and has tried his best to get me to convert over the years. When we bought this laptop we went to buy me a new Mac laptop, but after seeing it was just a lil different than a PC I got scared and so nope give me that purdy lil pink Sony over there!!!! Fast forward about three years and the wonder people at Apple bring us that wonderful little iPad I’m so in love with!!!! I sure do love my iPad, all of my books are on I have games to play, you can text, you can make phone calls with certain apps and just all kinds of cool things. Too bad my iPad can’t play certain videos and certain games on Facebook, as well as print from it. If only that wonderful little piece of wonderment would do all of those things I’d say forget about replacing my laptop, if only!! So I’m now in the market for a new laptop I want a MAC, but just as I’m OK with replacing my laptop I get cold feet and am afraid that there really are major differences between Macs and PC’s and I’ll never be able to figure out how to use it, I’ll hate it and be stuck with something I have no clue how to use. So please do tell which one you use or prefer and why, are they truly as easy as hubby tells me or is he just trying to “sell” me on a Mac??????

I think hubby and I are addicted to Rice a Roni, you know the “San Fransico treat”!!!!!!! We’ve had it three times in less than a week. It’s just so yummy and easy as can be to make and I’m all about easy to make!!! I so don’t like to cook; hubby does a good bit of cooking around here. Mostly in the spring and summer; he is the master of the grill, oh man can he cook some yummy stuff on that thing!!! He really is a good cook inside the house too, but man does he make a huge ass mess when he cooks inside!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh does he make a huge mess, that so doesn’t even come close, uses every single pat, pan, dish, baking dish, cookie sheet anything he can find he uses. Then I get the “I cooked dinner you have to clean it up” deal from him. I bitch and moan and bitch and moan some more but too bad he won’t clean up, no matter how much I bitch that when I cook I clean, doesn’t matter to him. So I clean up his huge ass mess and try not to allow him to cook inside very often. OK, back to our Rice A Roni, I’m pretty sure it’s not exactly the healthier thing as a side dish but it meets my requirements, yummy, easy and we both like it. So is there anything that is quick and easy that you like a whole, whole lot and will eat it more than once a week?????? We may or may not have it a 4th time in a week, because we have leftovers of it tonight and depending on what we have for dinner tomorrow evening Rice A Roni just may be on the menu once again!!! OK gotta run one of my mindless TV shows is on, “Sara Palin’s Alaska”. I sure do love me some reality shows, I like just about anyone on Bravo and TLC, I do like some of the VH1’s too, I don’t like really any on MTV accept 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. I also love me some court TV shows, not the real “Court TV” but the Judge Judy’s and Judge Mathis and those type oh hell yeah I sit around all day and watch that crap while reading or playing on the net!!! Yes I have such a full life but it affords me plenty of time to watch what hubby calls “mindless TV”!!!! Oh, yeah BIG BROTHER oh me oh my, that is my most favorite show on this earth!!!!!!!!!! Stupid people doing, stupid stuff hell yeah but I love it!!!! OK off to go watch “Sara”. Also do tell your guilty pleasures with mindless TV too, because I can’t be the only person watching this crap!!!!!

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