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Monday, January 31, 2011

A trip is planned!

Two more sleeps until I get to see sweet lil Caroline!!!! We are going to Norfolk, VA on Wednesday to spend a few days with the kids!!! On Thursday AM David is re enlisting in the Navy for six more years. We are so proud of him; he loves his job ad that makes me so happy!! We always told our kids we didn’t care what they went to college for but to just remember whatever they choose they’ll end up doing it every day for a very long time!! I am happy to say that both of our kids love their jobs!!! That in itself makes this mom a happy mom!!
Caroline is still not sleeping well!! I feel so bad for Kayla; she gets little to no good sleep, ever!! David is good about getting up with her on the weekends, but just like any other mom, she wakes up when she hears the baby. I plan to get up with Caroline while we are there, as I normally do. I just can’t figure out what the problem is, when she was about three months old she began sleeping all night, then it was not long and it was time to pack up household goods and ship them to the East coast for the move. She had to sleep in her “pac-n-play” and she just didn’t get any good sleep in that; then she got here and she had a cold and didn’t sleep well due to that and the huge 12 hour time change. So ever since she has been a horrible sleeper at night. They have tried everything, not seems to work. I know poor Kayla is at her wits end, good thing she is such a patient mom!! She’s been to the doctor for her six month check up and everything was great, the only thing they suggested was to not allow her to nap past four PM, which she hadn’t been. They have begun keeping her up past 8:30 which had been her bed time before, now its 9:30 or so. She still gets up several times a night; it’s not to eat because she won’t take a bottle. Sometimes Kayla can just reposition her and give her back her paci and she’s good to go, she’ll sleep a few hours at that most and is back awake screaming at the top of her lungs!!! She has tried the cry it out method but it does no good, she just screams and cries until she throws up. They are coming here once David deploys, well if he deploys (I’ll explain that in a second) and I plan to be t he one getting up with her and stuff and I just hope maybe trying the cry it out here works a little better, she won’t bother anyone here crying!! They live in an apartment right now and they are afraid people will complain about the baby screaming, so they won’t really allow her to cry long, which makes things difficult too!! We really thought that once she began solids she’d really sleep much better; as I said she doesn’t get up to eat she doesn’t want a bottle for the most part when she wakes up in the middle of the night. That just makes me wonder if she just doesn’t have mommy and daddy trained to come to her, who knows if she’s old enough for that or not. She will be eight months old on the 12th of February so maybe she just knows if she cries out some body will come to her, who knows!!!! All I know is I plan to get to the bottom of it and hope we can “fix” her sleep issues!! I don’t have the heart to tell Kayla that Melissa never slept through the night, that child, always woke up every night!! The good thing about that was that she woke up and entertained herself in her crib, once she was old enough to eat solids and didn’t need a middle of the night bottle, she just played. So who knows maybe Caroline will grow up to be just like her Aunt Melissa and LOVE working the night shift.
Speaking of Melissa, that crazy little girl (well 23 year old really) loves her job!! She loves working 9PM until 9AM, not so sure I’d like that shift, well I know I wouldn’t!! I had to work a few 7PM to 7AM and I so hated it, from like 4AM on it was all I could do to keep me eyes open. She has finally gotten all of her furniture and her apartment is too cute!! She has made her own curtains and she is loving being on her own. Although I don’t know so much if she loves paying her own bills and all of that adult stuff but she does it!! She finally got around to doing her taxes from 2009 and her refund check came here so I called to tell her it was here, thinking she’d be excited she had a little cash!!!! Her response was, “OK thanks I’ll get it next time I come”, so I was like aren’t you excited you have some money???? She mom it’s all got to bills, I have no money left out it!!! Poor kid, so being the good mom I am I said, “Wow Melissa is really sucks being an adult with bills doesn’t it”? Somehow she didn’t think I was very funny!!! Of course now that she had to pay for all of her stuff she doesn’t allow her dog on her new furniture. Funny thing is she used to get mad at me when they lived here and I wouldn’t let her crazy dog on the furniture downstairs, she was like no one else sits on that furniture so why can’t my dog?? It’s very interesting to me now that she used her earned money to buy her stuff, her dog suddenly can sit on it!!! Too funny!! She has started back to school this semester so she’ll be busy as can be and it makes me sad because we won’t see her much!!
So the reason that David may not be able to deploy is when he went for medical clearance today his blood pressure was up!! He’s only 26 going to be 27 in a few weeks. Of course he failed to inform the folks at medical that he had just finished a hard PT about 30 minutes before his appointment, nor that he dip in his mouth, nor that he had drank a huge energy drink on his way to work today!!!!!!!!!! All of which could increase his blood pressure, so of course now he is totally stressed out because he really wants to deploy, why I have no clue!!! They told him to come back in a week if it is better they will clear him. I told him to stay away from all of the above, not to mention back off all of the chips, soda and other sodium filled crap he eats daily!!!! Of course he just doesn’t “see” how any of that stuff can affect ones blood pressure!!! I just hope he doesn’t stress out and make himself totally crazy over the next week to make things worse!!! I of course don’t want him to deploy so I’d be a happy mom but I know he really had his heart set on going, I mean that’s what he trains for every day. I will keep everyone posted!! Keep him your thoughts if you would please and his poor wife that he doesn’t drive her out of her mind in the mean time!!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week, I’m not sure I’ll post again before next Sunday or Monday. I plan to spend all of my time away enjoying family and good food!!!

Photo above of lil Miss Caroline being a big girl and holding her juice bottle watching some tunes on TV!!!! She is getting so big, so fast!!!


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