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Saturday, January 1, 2011

So-Co Lucille needs your help, please..

OK, here's the deal I have a 4 year old beagle who has just happened to become unpotty trained!!!!!!!!!!!! Our house is all freaking CARPET!!!!!!!!!! I know I know sell the dog!!! um, no I'd have to sell the house first, my lil beags as I call her is bestest friend in the whole wide world!!!!!! Yup I have no friends that's why I have a blog, one that I can't even keep updated!! See why I have no friends???!!! OK back to "Southern Comfort" or AKA So-Co, Soie, beags and any combo of the that. She's really a good dog, hard headed as beagles come but good. She's been to what I call "boarding school", yup I'm a slacker and can't even train my own dogs!!! All of them have gone to boarding school, it's good for them and me, they go wild and crazy and come home all nice and trained. Let's not mention the beags had to stay for six LONG weeks not even getting a weekend pass for the first three weeks at that. Just a little hard headed!!! But I loves her as I tell my hubby who has a love - hate relationship with her. Here's what I've done so far to be sure I've covered it all, she's been to the vet no UTI or bladder/kidney issues (lucky dog!!!), she goes outside very often as in like every hour or two because she hears a leaf blowing and has to go check it out. When I see her do it I tell her no bad, and she does her "criminal" walk away like she knows what she did was wrong!!! I've had every inch of our carpet cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more thinking she still smells where she last pottied, no help!!! It's getting pretty pricey to keep doing that, but even pricer to replace all carpet which I plan to do if I can ever get her potty issues solved again!!! It's been since early spring or so she has started this. I just wonder if she's too interested in "playing" sniffing the back yard as if it's her J-O-B, to remember to potty when she goes outside. Is this possible???? I have noticed if I go outside and tell her to go potty she'll run off the patio and walk around a second or two and potty. So does this mean that I have to go outside with her every single time to be sure she goes???? The other thing is it's been really cold here (for the southerners here not us transplants)and she HATES the cold so I know that has some to do with it but it didn't have any bearing this summer/spring. I don't know what to do with her!! Hubby is pissed off at her, I mean it's only right considering our house is barely three years old and all!!! HA HA poor beags!!!!!! Oh yeah back to what I do to insure no potty accidents, I take her out as soon as her feet her hit the floor every morning, every single time she wakes up from a nap, right before and shortly after she eats, if she's been in her crate while I'm gone she goes straight to the door as soon as I let her out. Please don't hate because I use a crate!! I know some people think it's horrible, but frankly I don't, she loves her crate as a matter of fact she has two of them, one on each floor of our house. The door stays open for her to go in and out of it as she pleases and often times if she's not upstairs in HER chair, she's in her crate downstairs by her own accord. I also don't allow her out of my sight much at all. If I'm upstairs she's baby crated in whatever room I'm in. The only time we ever use the downstairs to our house is if we are outside on the patio and backyard or in the kitchen eating, she knows she's not allowed on any furniture downstairs so she goes to her comfy crate and chills while I cook and we eat, unless of course she's right under foot as I do so!! So I'm out of a plan for her, any help would be great!! Oh yeah it's pee-pee she blesses us with on the carpet, of course huh?? Just this very minute I went to free her from her time out in her crate downstairs all alone because I had let her out and she ran to the grass and came back to the door, so I thought she had gone potty earlier, but once she came in and walked over to the carpet and pee-peeed I realized I could be incorrect on that very fact, ha ha!!! My fault of course!! So since I saw her do it, she got a time out for it, as I said if I don't see her do it, I've been told I shouldn't punish her for it since she may not remember or know exactly what she's been punished for, is that correct????? OK, so I freed her after about an hour or in which she could have most likely cared less considering she was all nice and comfy in her crate. I let her out and walked off the patio with her and told her to go potty. She ran around a few minutes and stoped and um pooped, yeah good girl, you are such a good girl all kinds of praise goes to her!!! Then she runs across the patio to the other side of the yard and then stops and pees!!!!! Yeah good girl mommy so proud of you, good girl!!!!! She comes running to me all excited and giving kisses and all. So you see I think she knows what is right and what is wrong but she still seems to do as she pleases!!! I suppose I could go outside each and every time she does if that fixes it, maybe after a while she'll get it again and I won't have to. But of course if you folks have any suggestions I would surely try them. Oh yeah, anyone wondering how or why she got her name? Well can we just say she started out as our son's dog his senior year of college. I had always wanted a beagle, love the howl, bark and just general cuteness of them!!! So knowing he is going in the Navy after college he still gets her, well we all know the rest of that story huh??? So the very fact that he was a college student and her real name is Southern Comfort" we can guess what his drink of choice at the time was can't we??? ha ha!!! Considering she began life in our family as "his" dog and he is now a K-9 officer in the Navy I tell him his dog us unruly, his response is well, "preachers kids are often unruly so I guess it's only par for a dog handler to have an unruly dog!!! On that note So-Co Lucille and I both thank you very much for your help!!!! Above is a photo of my fabo beags, see why I love her so much????? Oh yeah she likes to dress up too, and I do put a jacket on her to go out and potty when it's really cold, see how much me loves her???? Happy New Year everyone!!!!!


Marie said...

Can anyone tell me how to have comments emailed to me, please?? Thanks!!

Chickie said...

From your Blogger Dashboard go to "Settings" then "Comments" the last option is "Comment Notification Email" where you can enter the email address you want the new comments sent to.

Has So-Co started this just since it's been cold? I had a dog who was an old cranky bitch and wouldn't potty outside if the weather didn't suit her unless I stood right by her. Otherwise, she'd pee inside.

Marie said...

I just left a long comment on my other post about So-Co!! Thanks for your help with the emailing of comments too!! Glad you had help getting the tree up!!! I hope I'll do better next year!!! I keep saying that every year!!!