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Saturday, May 2, 2009

A whole bunch of nothing important!

Above Mikey the Golden)chilling! Francesca (the dal)taking a nap as well, then Sophie (the most fab mutt in the entire world, then the beagle S-Co chilling as well!! Enjoy!!!
Nothing major going on in our house for once, which is always great if you ask me. I have heard from our son twice in the last two days, that is wonderful!!! It's only been for a very few minutes each time but heck I'll take even a second on the phone with him. Just hearing his voice makes me feel so much better. I know he is a dangerous place and if I allow my mind to drift it goes to horrible thoughts so I've been trying to keep myself very busy when up to it. He sounded good but tired and said as much. His dog and he have been extremely busy, the dog has found many, many things that explosive dogs are trained to find, a good thing again but sure makes this mom's heart race thinking the only thing between something that could blow up a whole hell of a lot of crap is his DOG, a very good service dog that is. That's comforting as it can be. Melissa our daughter has gotten a part-time job as a paramedic, which is wonderful for our checkbook!!! We're so happy for her she's young like soon to be 21 in a few weeks and a lot of the EMS companies and county agencies require you to be 23 to drive the trucks. This county will allow her to be on the truck but not drive which is great. She is also going to nursing school and even though she'd have liked a full time job I don't see how that would workout. So needless to say we're happy for her and for her "getting a real job" present she got a new sofa and desk for her new apartment!! I got a fab deal at Good-will, the sofa is brand spanking new, still has the tag from the store it came from, it's recently gone out of business and I'm not sure how it got there but really don't care, just glad we got her a great deal! She still needs a dining room table, she has one but it's not in such great shape, but will do for now. She had no desk or sofa, only a recliner and coffee and end tables. So now other than a floor lamp she's good to go for now, the rest will be "wants, not "needs" as my hubby calls it!! Fur-babies are doing well, silly and crazy and full of energy I so I wish could bottle and use when needed for me!!! Medical-wise, I'm OK for now on the finishing up side of my latest antibiotic for the latest kidney infection and I do feel much, much better than I did, that's always a good thing!! Only about 11 more days before my big trip to NJ to see my sisters and to see about a head-stone for my mother's grave. I've been really slack on getting that ordered and put in place considering she's been gone a full year plus a few months. Not so sure she cares it's not there yet, you know? The one thing that is new this week is I went to the eye doctor to get another script for my contacts, well I knew my vision had been getting a little worse but man I didn't realize just how bad until my exam. I had to have both my bi-focal and my distance script increased. I went with the good old fashioned bi-focals this time since I only ever wear my glasses at home for like an hour or watching TV before bed or reading. The lady kept asking if I were sure I didn't want to stay with the progressive lens or whatever they call it, I told her no that I don't wear them enough to justify paying that much more for lens. Maybe I'll wish I had when they come back but such is life, I'll just have to "deal" with them for the next year, and you know I'm sure I've dealt with lots worse stuff in my life, you know? Anyway I can now see like crazy, I can see the alarm clock across the room, and the small print that goes across the bottom of the TV at times, it's been nice to see again!!! I just hope I don't mess up and either lose or rip the only pair of contacts they gave me until the ones I ordered arrive!!! OK I do believe that's all of the boring stuff going on in my life!! So I'll close by leaving you with some most fab cuteness! Have a great rest of what's left of the weekend!! I'll be back soon and hope to get "my story" written and posted before my big two week trip!! (But don't hold me to that time line, I'll do my best to make but I'll be slightly busy with doctor appointments and general stuff you do before a big trip.)

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What cute dogs!Im glad your feeling better, hope your antibiotics work for you this time around:)Lol your not boring, and always looking forward to the next blog, keep your chin up.
hugs Kirst