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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meet my fur-babies

OK, it appears I've mastered adding photos to my blog, yeah me!! Now for introductions; the dal is Francesca, the beagle is So-Co (short for Southern Comfort, I didn't name her our son did while in college), the golden pup is Mikey, the most beautiful mutt ever is Sophie!!! So there you have my fur family, I'll get around to getting everyone else's photos up too but since I just posted about my fur-babies I had to get their photos out on the web!! Enjoy they are what makes me get out of bed on the days I feel the worse, they make me smile often and curse just as often, but wouldn't trade them for the world. They each have thier own little personality. OK, I could go on and on about these sweetie and I probably will often but it's 3:44 AM and I am feeling slightly sleepy so maybe I'll get a few hours of sleep, no doctor appointments today, wish I could say that for the rest of the week!! Coming soon, how or why I no longer have a "real bladder".
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Odette said...

wow, such gorgeous furry friends you have there. i too use to have 5 dogs but when i moved into a smaller apartment, i have to give them up and get a cat instead.
now my cat family is growing, and they create laughter all over the house.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

they are lovely - well done on photos :)