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Just a lil FYI......I write here for me and me only. I hope to use this space to help me remember the good, the bad and the ugly!!! I may also voice my feelings on a few things here and there, if you don't agree with them, cool and please do feel free to let me know. BUT....(there's always a "but" huh???) be nice these are MY feelings and thoughts and it's MY blog so again be nice!!! Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you will check back often as I'm really trying to make myself post more often. Sometimes just writing things down help to get things off my chest so to say, and it does me feel better.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time flies, even in my boring life.

You, know at times it seems the days drag by, but then there are times they freaking fly before you know it!! My plans were to post every single day, even if it was going to be a boring post, just post every day. My mind is every where and no where it's supposed to be either!!! Not sure if I mentioned or not but we have a son in the US Navy serving in Iraq right now with the Marines. It makes me crazier than I already am having him there!!! He's about to leave his present base and go into the "fields" tomorrow. That always makes me nervous to say the least! We are very lucky that we hear from him often and if we haven't heard from him his wife will pass on that she has. I've stopped watching any and all news since his deployment in September, because often times we don't know where he is and then we see that something has happened here or there and it's just too much to deal with. His emails are often very short because thanks to MSN we can chat early in the AM my time right before bed time for him, I love it!!! Well today I signed in and he tells me that a base right behind his has been hit!! Thank God he is OK but there were 16 Iraq's who aren't going home to family tonight and 50 more who have been hurt!!! This just breaks my heart!! I just want him home already!!!! I'm not writing this to start any type of discussion on the war and should we or shouldn't we do this or that, I respect everyone’s view point on the war and that's all I have to say about it. I guess I shouldn't have even mentioned it on here for fear of starting some type of "blog war", so not the case and so not me, so since this is my blog and it's my child in harms way I'm just writing to get it off my "chest" not to begin a "war forum". So changing the subject totally, spring has sprung here in South Carolina!!!!!!!! This is the time of year I am most thankful for living in the south. Just seeing the sun and all of the pretty blooming "things" makes me smile and we all need something to smile about, right? Nothing really new on the medical front for me right now, which can be a good thing. I really need to sit down and give my back "story" on how I went from having a bladder to not having one. Them everyone can feel free to ask all the questions you choose to, since I'm sure I'll be as confusing as hell trying to tell my "story"!! This is a question for my blog "friends", do people in your "real everyday life" read your blog? Do they know about it, did you tell them about it, did they just happen to find it one day, do tell please!! I haven't told anyone in my real life about my blog yet, not that I have anything to hide and honestly should I end up writing something about them, I'm the type of person I've already told them myself if I happen to have an "issue" with them or something they said or did, so it's not that I'm trying to hide, I just didn't really think about it until just now, do I tell or don't I tell? I mean they all know the boring details of crappy road to where I am medically so I don't want to bore them, but then again they are "big people" and if they get bored they can feel free to click that big red "X" in the right hand corner as I would if they were boring me, you know? OK I'm finished here, I've had nothing much to say and am just rambling on now, so stay tuned for "my story", can't promise you it will be fun but it just might be slightly interesting at the part where I talk about the law suit I won against my horrible employer, the very hospital all of my surgery was done in the "early years"!! Stay tuned!!!! Have a great and day if you've read this far thanks for staying awake to read my very boring post! I'll be back soon, I hope!


Odette said...

its 4:30 am here in my part of the globe. i have been awake since 2 am when my son's alarm clock went off. he now works in a call center and he leaves home at 3:30am to be in the office at 4. yeah, such a crazy work schedule.

anyway, i am a mother too of three boys, so i can really relate to your worry and anxiety over your son's deployment in Iraq. let's just hope all those soldiers will be home soon safely.

yes, i did tell kins about my blog although i am not certain if they follow it regularly. what i am certain though, is that they do read it once in a while from the locator widget i have in my page, hahaha.

oh Tracey just happen to stumble into my blog, then i also started to follow hers and those friends he followed until we become addicted to each other! but that's not all. we surprisingly developed a bond, a friendship so unique that I count myself lucky for being able to dive into this cyber community and get the support and laughter and so on, that I need to keep going in my daily real life.


Marie great to see another post.
My friends etc know about my blog, its totally your choice on how you feel about who you tell.
It must be really hard to have a child go to war, I'm not sure on how I would cope.
I have found when I blog I will have good days, bad days, and get it all out there days.
Sometimes I don blog when I'm sick, or busy with University,or I cant even read other blogs when my computer is being crazy and doesn't work.
I do write from the heart, I hope I don't offend others. No one should attack you or give you grief. I have had very rarely the odd comment on my site and I just delete it, some people have issues.
This is your blog your story, for and about you, therefore you have free press to say what you want! Everyone has different values and ideas in life, your story would open many other peoples eyes and may change their ideas on certain issues, which would be great!
Kind Regards Kirst

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Yes - my blog is open and I know my friends and some of my family read well as a little group of wonderful followers across the world:) It caused my mother some anxiety initially in case I wrote something she would not like. I work on the policy that I will remove anything if they tell me they hate it - works on facebook too!

Having said that - I sometimes wish I also had an anonymous one to vent on as there are so many things happening in my life that I can't write about as it would potentially upset or offend people who know me. I also feel that if I wrote about specific people, even anonymously, it is too easy to get outed eventually. It is not worth it if there is anything to lose... but might be ok if you don't care about losing relationships with people!

If you are legally safe to tell it warts and all, then as a a medical blog the more info the better - it empowers others.
I also think that moderating comments can help - I got some hate mail from distant relatives of my partners... so have taken away their power to publicly slander us in comments!

I do find open blogging a great help - you meet wonderful people, make new friends etc. The hard bit is when real life friends ask you ""what's up"? and you want to say - "haven't you read my blog"!!!!