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Friday, July 6, 2012

Photo Post for May Cruise!!

Dave in front of a very nice waterfall. I think the next one should be of me in front of same waterfall. If blogger coperates with me that is!!

The above photo is one of my favorites of us!! I have no clue what the "blob" of light is and I tried everything to remove it and I couldn't so, it's just there.

Just a lil pretty that hubby took and I thought I'd add in here!

Dave just being a bit silly and giving me a bear hug from behind. Considering neither of us were making ugly faces and both looking at the camera so it got tossed into the mix too. We took fabo photos of the others in our group, the photos others took us, not so fabo looking! I don't know if they didn't know how to work Dave's fancy smancy camera or what the deal was, so not very many decent photos of us. This for the most part is fine with me as I don’t really enjoy looking at photos of me at all, ever!!

This is my fabo handsome husband, plus one, spouse, whatever one calls the person they have been married to for nearly 29 years.

This is me, another photo that I'm not exactly fond of me in, but such is life and for that matter there are almost no photos of myself I'm really happy with. I either appear to have 778 chins, my cheeks are way too chubby or my legs are too fat or I'm too short. Then I think back to the convo a trusted physician had with on February 1, 2001. You know the one no one ever w looking wants to hear; something along the line of "if you don't receive a kidney within six months things aren't looking great." So both I try to think of that convo and accept these photos for what they are EXTRA TIME!!! It's not always easy to accept photos of myself with my " but "flaws" but you know if it gives me that extra time and I can have good and bad days, heck I'm good with the way I appear!!! Sure I'd like to be a bit thinner and have been working towards that way, I've lost about 20-25 pounds in the five to six months. I'm good with that I'd like to lose another 20-25, will I have the body I had "pre-end stage renal disease"? Of course not but then again I'm not the same person, so I'm good with it!! I'm "gimping" along doing everything I possibly can to stay as healthy as I can for me, some days it's an easy job others not so easy, I'll take them all thank you very much!!! OK, off my soap box and on to more photos.

OK friends this concludes my photos from our cruise. I'll be back soonish with another post as I stated I have a few posts jumbled in my lil brain.
Enjoy the weekend friends.


Chickie said...

Love love love the "bear hug" photo! That is a great photo of you two!

cindy said...

Glad you posted, and loved the photos! Also loved that your husband, on formal night, matched you with his tie. :D

I had a post some time back about the "but" flaws we have when looking at our own photos, too. You have a great perspective, tho. Who cares about the nit-picky vanity details when what's important is that we're here to BE in the photos at all. Thanks for the reminder on how not to sweat the small stuff.