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Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome Home David and Rocky!!

OK, here I am trying to get another post up here so that I can sort of get into the habit of posting a few times a week at least! So I changed the decor here, anyone like, not like, not care? I want the flag and sort of USA "appear" to stay up until after our son returned from his most recent deployment. So he's back, yeah!!!!!!! We are very happy that he is back with his lil family in VA, but I do have to admit I have found it a bit hard to "brag" to very much about it on Face Book. I think that is due to the fact that I belong to a Face Book for Navy Moms group and during the holidays several moms were very happy their sailor got to come home, for them I was truly happy, honestly I was. On the other hand it also made me feel a lil sad, for several reasons, one is because there are three moms that I personally "know" from that group that lost a child this past year, maybe I'm wrong and they were OK with everyone being happy their friends sailors were home, I just don't know about that, truly!!! Another reason was the fact that our son wasn't home for Christmas once again, and it really bothered me!!!!! So because I knew how I felt about others bragging their sailor was back from deployment or for the holidays or whatever, I just really have not said a whole lot there about David being back. Of course we are extremely thankful that he is back home and in one piece. Maybe I'm wrong for feeling this way, who knows but since it's my Face Book page I can write or not write about anything I want I suppose. So any feelings on that anyone??? How would you feel if you child was still out in harm’s way and a few others were no longer, would you feel comfortable being all bragging and stuff??? Please do tell, not that it's going to change my feelings because they are my feelings but I do like to hear others points of view. Also as I said three of those moms lost a child during the past year, so that also brought up a few "feelings" in me as well, I thought OK I'm feeling a bit left out because my child id still deployed and these poor mom would most likely to be happy their sailor was still deployed rather than gone forever. So that made me feel as if I wasn't grateful that my child was or at that point we hoped he'd be safely home soon. I was more grateful than I have words for, that's for sure!! Anyway my feelings were all over the place while David was deployed, I was a complete and total wreck for the first maybe three to four weeks. If it hadn't been for my friend across the street and my sister who has gone through deployments with her son, I'm not exactly sure how I'd have made it, truly!!!!! The other thing that helped greatly was the fact that our daughter in law and grand daughter were here. That was a huge distraction from our son being in harm’s way, we so enjoyed having them here. They are really only about 6.5 - 7 hours from us but still it's a bit of a drive to see them, unlike while they were here!! We did face time with them on our phones yesterday since it was David's birthday and that sweet little girl oh how I miss her!!! I do hope that sometime very soon we will get a chance to go up there and visit them!!!! So I suppose I'll close here for now, I hope I wasn't to very confusing here but it was suddenly very hard for me to find the words for my feelings on that topic. So any input or suggestions, would be fabo!!! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend!!!

This is David and his Military Working Dog (MWD) Rocky!! Thanks guys for your service!!!!!

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cindy said...

Welcome home, David & Rocky! I have soooooo much respect for both of you. And a big hug for your very relieved mom, Marie!

Marie, it's very considerate and sensitive of you to be concerned about others' feelings before you express your own on a public networking site. It shows what a wonderful human being I have "met" here. However, the thing I don't agree with is that you call happiness about your child's return "bragging." You're proud of him, just as EVERY parent in that online group are proud of their military kids. That's not bragging; these kids are doing an amazing, self-sacrificial thing for their countrymen. If you're happy he's home, it's a parent being happy -- very normal, very understandably happy. If you posted a photo of his face enlarged and captioned it with "Look how handsome my son is, he's the best-looking guy on Facebook, and the other day 5 women turned their heads to admire him, and he's smart and funny and loves his mom, and he's the best son out of everyone's sons that I know" okay, that's annoying and bragging.

Such a lengthy way to say, I think saying something about being happy he's back while being sensitive to the fact that others may be wishing they were in your shoes -- there's nothing wrong with that. We ALL want to see as many of our military back home as possible; there is not one loss, whether we know the soldier or not, that we don't regret. Loving yours and showing that does not take away from the respect for the others' loved ones.